Types of Chain Slings:

Welded mechanical chain slings

Single Chain Slings
SOS Oblong Link Sling Hook
SOG Oblong Link Grab Hook
SGS Grab Hook Sling Hook
SGG Grab Hook Grab Hook
SSS Sling Hook Sling Hook
SOF Oblong Link Foundry Hook
SOO Oblong Link Oblong Link
Double Chain Slings
DOS Oblong Link Sling Hooks
DOG Oblong Link Grab Hooks
DOF Oblong Link Foundry Hooks
Triple Chain Slings
TOS Oblong Link Sling Hooks
TOG Oblong Link Grab Hooks
TOF Oblong Link Foundry Hooks
Quadruple Chain Slings
QOS Oblong Link Sling Hooks
QOG Oblong Link Grab Hooks
QOF Oblong Link Foundry Hooks

The following information should be given on orders or inquires for chain slings.

  • SIZE: This is specified by the size of the material from which the chain is made, determined by working load limit required.
  • REACH: This is the length, including attachments, measured from bearing point to bearing point.
  • T