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Volleyball Setter Training: Hand Position

The standard coaching approach to hand positioning is that the ball should be taken above the setters forehead. Basically, if the ball went through the hands it would hit them there rather than on the nose or the top of the head. This reception point provides a balanced position.

How to Hand Set a Volleyball | Set up for Volleyball

Your hands should be above your head with your arms slightly bent. Your hands should be directly above your forehead, you know your hands are in the right place if you could miss the ball with your hands completely and head the ball using your forehead (like a soccer player).

How to Set in Volleyball | Learn Ideal Hand Position - YouTube

How to set in volleyball? How to avoid common mistakes? What is the ideal position for setting? These are not easy questions to answer. But I will share with...

Setting a Volleyball - Strength and Power Volleyball

Hand Positioning and Technique Bring your hands together. Put your hands together with your finger tips touching. Open up your hands, forming a triangle with your index fingers and thumbs. Bring your fingers apart to a distance that would be perfect for placing a ball.

Setting: Different hand positions on the ball - The Art of ...

Follow. UCLA. Mike Sealy of UCLA shows two different methods of hand position for setting: one that generates power from the wrist, and the other that generates power from the forearm. The first method is using the wrist to power the set, and the position for the hands allows the fingers to turn in and down. Most of the power is generated from the wrists (which can fatigue the wrists, but many setters use this method effectively).

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Volleyball Set Tips for Improving Your Setting

Strategies and Techniques for Setting Learning the Volleyball Set and Correct Mechanics. Learning hand position for setting... With your hands down in front... Contacting the ball. The fingers are the only part of your hand that touches the ball, never the palms. Your thumbs,... Skills for Getting ...

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Volleyball setter training is learning the techniques of hand setting. Are you ready to become a great volleyball setter? Learn these setting drills and you'...

Volleyball Hands 2 Ways To Hold Your Hands When You Pass A ...

Volleyball Hands:To pass a volleyball with your platform point both thumbs down towards the ground, tightly holding your the wrists and thumbs of both hands together. Then, just like in forearm pass grip option #1 , you would point both thumbs down towards the ground, tightly holding your the wrists and thumbs of both hands together.