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Handball is played on various types of courts, including those with one, three and four walls. The most common type of court is the four-wall court, although such a court actu- ally has five hitting surfaces if one counts the ceiling. The regulation handball court is 20 feet wide and 40 feet long.

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One-wall courts are popular because they permit more spectators to watch games and are less expensive to build. Three-wall courts also permit more spectators to view matches but are less common and are not standardized. They may have a front and two sidewalls, the back being open, or a front wall, back wall, and one sidewall as in a jai alai court. Court dimensions and markings are similar to four-wall courts, with a back court (long) boundary line or a sideline added for the jai alai type ...

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In the Basque region of Southeast France and Northeast Spain handball is played with bare hands on any sized court, but generally on four main types of courts; ‘fronton place libre’ an open-air court with a single wall, the ‘fronton’ and are the focal point of Basque villages, ‘fronton avec mur a gauche’ a covered open-air court with three-walls, the ‘trinquet’, an indoor court with four-walls, and large ali alai fronton.

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Handball player positions and playing area Playing area. A competitive handball match is played on a large rectangular court that is 40 m long by 20 m wide, with a goal in the centre of each end.

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Handball Left and Right Backs. Left and right backs hold very similar roles on the handball court. They are situated in between the left or right wingers and the center players while in attack. In defense, the left and right backs drop in to become left half and right half, respectively.

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Handball is a team sport for two squads of 7 players (six field players and a goalkeeper). Equipment needed • 40 x 20 metre court with wooden or PVC flooring. • School competition 4 badminton court hall. • The court has two 6m goal areas and two goals (3 x 2m). • Men play with ball size 3 • Women with ball size 2

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Handball Side Backcourt are players of strength and very important in offensive and defensive actions. The right backcourt acts from the center to the right side of the court and the Left backcourt acts from the center to the left side of the handball court.

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Handball is played on a court 40 by 20 metres (131 ft 3 in × 65 ft 7 in), with a goal in the centre of each end. The goals are surrounded by a near-semicircular area, called the zone or the crease, defined by a line six meters from the goal.