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Urban Dictionary: Tennis Elbow Douchebag

A term that basically states that a person must be a douchebag if they play enough tennis to get tennis elbow, since only douches play tennis. Hank Hill: Excuse me sir, did you get that injury playing tennis or golf? Guy: Tennis. {Hank and Bobby Hill laugh.} From an episode of King Of The Hill, an example of a Tennis Elbow Douchebag.

Urban Dictionary: elbows

Rims: originally '83-'84 cadillac spoke rims or Cragar StarWire Performance Wheels also called swangers. spokes that poke out simular to your elbows. 1lb/pound: as in eLBow.

Urban Dictionary: Wii elbow

The pain experienced from playing any wii game (mostly wii sports) for extended periods of time. This mostly deals with wii games that require lots of arm movement. "Damn, I got wii elbow from playing too much wii sports ." #wii #sports #wii tennis #wii baseball #wii boxing. by Blade776 January 30, 2007.

Urban Dictionary: drinking elbow

:derived from the term "tennis elbow" Applied to alcoholics, (esp. brainless old coots) who practice over-repetitive soul drowning alcohol abuse. Lifemates of the Dragon Lady Lifemates of the Dragon Lady

Urban Dictionary: Weenis Elbow

Like 'Tennis Elbow', but actually all you are doing is flapping your weenis around repeatedly. ... Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your ...

Porno elbow - An medical variant of the... - Urban Dictionary ...

Urban Dictionary July 2, 2013 · Porno elbow - An medical variant of the condition known as 'tennis elbow' primarily affecting the dominant arm of hyperactive males who don't play tennis. - http://urbanup.com/5071545

What does tennis elbow mean? - definitions

Tennis elbow is an overuse injury occurring in the lateral side of the elbow region, but more specifically it occurs at the common extensor tendon that originates from the lateral epicondyle. The acute pain that a person might feel occurs when they fully extend their arm.

tennis elbow – Learning English from Friends (LEfF)

Expression: Tennis elbow! Even though Andrew told me this, the teacher is Beth because she is the one who told Andrew this one to let me know. Definition : an inflammation, soreness, or pain on the outside (lateral) side of the upper arm near the elbow.