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Volleyball Violations Learn the basic rules in volleyball. Voll eyball violations such as double hit, lift, player in the net, and out of rotation. Basic Violations in Volleyball. Consecutive Contacts. A player may not hit the ball 2 times consecutively except when blocking, provided the contacts take place simultaneously.

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A volleyball rotation overlap or player out of alignment fault is called for players not being positioned correctly on the court at service. The fault for out of alignment is point for the other team and loss of service (if your team was serving).

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Volleyball Rotations: Violations. You can easily lose a point if your players are in the correct position during the serve. This violation awards a point to the other team and you lose service if it was your team’s turn to serve. Line judges observe the player closest to the sideline to determine out of position or overlapping violations.

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Players need to serve in the rotational order that they started in for the whole game, even as they rotate with each sideout. If players get the serving order mixed up, the referee will call a rotational violation, which means the team loses a point, and the other team gets the serve. There’s also a positional out of rotation violation. This one’s a little more complicated – but stay with me, it’ll make sense, I promise.

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Before the beginning of a set, both team's coaches must show the referees their rotations. The players on the court must stay in the order listed on that rotation throughout the whole set. If the players end up in different positions and serve out of order, a rotation violation is called and that team will lose the point and the serve. There is a referee on the sideline who keeps track of substitutions and rotations to make sure that players do not get out of order.

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No Back Row Players. On the sand, there are only two players and there aren’t distinct positions when it comes to rotation. So the rules regarding back row players playing at the net in indoor volleyball don’t exist on the beach. Either player may attack or block at the net at any time.

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The order of rotation is set at the beginning of the game and maintained throughout the game (excepting substitutions). You rotate after you win a point off of the opposing team’s serve. You can use this system to describe where you are in the service rotation. For instance, if you started the game as the server, you would be starting in position 1.

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There are five positions to play in volleyball and each position is mirrored in the front and back row. For instance, in the rotation in the diagram, the outside hitters play opposite each other—one is in the left front and the other is in the right back. If the team starts the game here, this is rotation one.