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over 12,000 people have taken this quiz and EVERY SINGLE ONE knew Serena Williams. That's not necessarily true. Whenever a quiz gets updated, its statistics reset. For example, if you took a quiz and got 100% and it gets updated, it will go back down to 0%.

Trivia Quiz : Women's Tennis

Women's Tennis. Who won the 2006 US Open ? Who won the 2006 Australian Open ? Who won 2 Grand Slams in 2006 ? Who won the 2005 WTA Championship ? Who made it to the finals of all Grand Slams in 2006 ? In 2006, USTA National Tennis Center is re-named to honor which tennis player's contribution ? Who is the first Russian to win a Grand Slam ?

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Most Played Published Quizzes. Women's Tennis Grand Slam. I wonder, does winning this many titles ever get old? I mean, once you break 20 Grand Slam titles, do you just get bored? 87,972 PLAYS. Tennis Grand Slam Winners by Decade. For a term often associated with baseball, 'Grand Slam' sure pops up in lots of other sports. 49,959 PLAYS.

Ultimate Tennis Quiz Questions and Answers (2021 Quiz)

Tennis Quiz Questions. 1. Four tournaments make up the Grand Slam: The Australian Open, Wimbledon, the US Open, and…? 2. What type of material are tennis balls covered with? 3. The longest singles match in recorded history lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes, stretched over 3 days. Which 2 players competed in this match? 4.

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Tennis Questions: Round 2. Which woman French player won the Australian Open in 1995? Who is the elder of the two tennis-playing Williams sisters? Which cup for women was contested between the US and Britain? Where is the final of the US Open played? Which US champion was married to British player John Lloyd?

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Quiz Questions. Who won the women's singles at the 1999 French Open? Who was the winner of the women's singles at the US Open in 2016? What year was the first Wimbledon event held? Which team, led by Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka, won its first Davis Cup title in 2014?

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A comprehensive database of more than 27 tennis quizzes online, test your knowledge with tennis quiz questions. Our online tennis trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top tennis quizzes.

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Tennis Quiz II. In which city was British professional tennis player Johanna Konta born in May 1991? Which tennis club's championships conclude one week before the start of the grass court Wimbledon Championships? What is lateral epicondylitis better knwon as?

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Tennis Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 1 (Quiz 1-20) 1) Before Boris Becker and Steffi Graf who was the only German to win a Wimbledon Singles title? Answer: Cilly Aussem (1931). 2) Maximum how many sets are played in women’s game? Answer: 3. 3) Who won a record of 19 Wimbledon Doubles title? Answer: Elizabeth Ryan.

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Tennis Quiz Questions And Answers. 1. What is the name of the four most important tennis tournaments in the world? A. Grand Slam. B. World Series. C. World Cup. Click to see the correct answer. Answer: A. Grand Slam. 2.