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Injuries in Youth Soccer | American Academy of Pediatrics

With respect to age, participants younger than 15 years tend to have a higher relative injury risk and greater prevalence of injuries compared with older players. 6,10, –, 14 According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, soccer injuries among young athletes in the United States occur at a peak of 2 injuries per 1000 participants. 10 For soccer players older than 12 years, rates of 4 to 7.6 injuries per 1000 player-hours have been reported. 11,13,14 Over an entire soccer ...

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Injury rates in youth soccer, known as football outside the United States, are higher than in many other contact/collision sports and have greater relative numbers in younger, preadolescent players. With regard to musculoskeletal injuries, young females tend to suffer more knee injuries, and young males suffer more ankle injuries.

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Although not as common, youth soccer players are also at risk for overuse injuries, with a recent study identifying injury rates of 0.15 and 0.20 injuries per 10 000 athletic exposures among high school male and female soccer players, respectively, with knees and lower legs being the most common locations of injury. 18 Although data are limited, a single study revealed that tendinitis, patellofemoral pain, and Osgood-Schlatter disease were the most common overuse injuries in youth soccer ...

Soccer Injuries in Children and Adolescents

Despite the wide-ranging health benefits of participation in organized sports, injuries occur and represent a threat to the health and performance of young athletes. Youth soccer has a greater reported injury rate than many other contact sports, and recent studies suggest that injury rates are increasing. Large increases in the incidence of concussions in youth soccer have been reported, and anterior cruciate ligament injuries remain a significant problem in this sport, particularly among ...

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Injuries occur when participating in youth sports and other recreational activities. Take a look at the 5 common youth soccer injuries. Concussion. A concussion can happen when a young player falls. It can also occur when a player gets hit in the head or collides with another player.

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Ankle fractures can also occur in young athletes playing soccer. The ankle is sometimes vulnerable, especially in the age group of 10-15 years old, because of closing growth plates. These growth plates are the weak point in the skeleton and can fracture much more easily than other bone.

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Unfortunately this is one of the most common soccer injuries. This section can include the eye, nose, & dental but the actual Concussions are the most serious. The way you prevent this is knowing how to head the ball & knowing your surroundings and when to go in for a challenge.

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Soccer injury statistics. Injuries do happen in all sports and soccer is not an exception. Here are some statistics of soccer injuries related to young players: Girls are prone to ACL injuries – this is an injury to the knees; Boys are prone to ankle injuries than girls; Most injuries occur around the leg area – mostly sprains, strains, and contusions

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