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Handball Court Dimensions in Meters | Pitch Size Diagram

Handball pitch length must measure 40 metres with a width size of 20 metres. The term used for the goal line, and goalkeeper's area, at each end of the playing surface is the '6 metre line'. It represents a zone created between the goalkeeper and the outfield players (as labeled in the large diagram of a handball court ).

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Team Handball Court Dimensions Diagram Click on Image for Enlarge View. The main dimensions and markings for the Team Handball Court consist of the following major elements.


HANDBALL COURT DIMENSIONS Dimensions. The court is 20 feet wide, 20 feet high and 40 feet long. B. Lines and zones. Handball courts shall be divided and marked on the floors with 2-inch-wide lines. Recommended colors are white or red. The lines shall be marked as follows: 1. Short line. The short line is parallel to the front and back walls.

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Detailed Measurements and Dimensions of a Handball Court ...

The handball court is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide, and is equally divided by the center line. The goal is 3 meters wide and 2 meters in height. Here we give you a handball court diagram to let you know the dimensions of the court, goal, and the substitution area and help you understand the sport better.

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Check out our quick overview on the rules and dimensions of a handball court, for both men and women. Before you start out playing handball, brush up on the basics, including the dimensions of the court and the ball used. The handball court — measures 40m x 20m (131.25ft x 65.62ft). The handball goal — 2m (6.56ft) tall and 3m (9.84ft) wide.

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Handball positions consist of a goalkeeper, two fullbacks, two wingers, a circle runner and a center. Here's the lowdown on these handball playing positions. There are 14 players in each team in handball, with seven on the pitch at any one time. The playing positions in handball are as follows:

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Facility SpecificationsA standard badminton court measures 20' x 44' and can be used for both singles and doubles play. The diagram includes specifications for long service, short service, center and side lines.A standard baseball diamond measures 90' from base to base and 60'6" from pitcher's plate to home. Diagrams include specifications for base lines, batter's box, catcher's box, foul line ...

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Media in category "SVG sport field diagrams". The following 163 files are in this category, out of 163 total. 2-3-2-3 formation.svg 422 × 580; 16 KB. 2-3-5 (pyramid).svg 422 × 580; 2 KB. 2010 Proposed baseball fielding positions shift to defend Gerald Laird.png 1,026 × 781; 102 KB.