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How to Clean Moss off Tennis Court - Clean Tennis Court Moss ...

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Kill Moss on a Tennis Court

Some pressure washers can also use large volumes of water and the process can become very messy, but it is an effective way of both removing areas of moss and cleaning the surface. If you decide to prepare/clean your tennis court in this way, then remember that we recommend doing it BEFORE you apply any moss killing products.

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Look for sources of moisture in the surface of the court. If it's clay, which naturally holds water, Michigan State University recommends applying sodium chlorate to kill moss and keep it from coming back for two to three months. Read packaging instructions for proper proportions for the size of the court.

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The courts need grooming with a hard bristled broom 5-7 days after application or once the moss and mould becomes brown and proud on the surface. If the courts are in a poor shape with lots of mould, repeat the application and process again in 6 months. Pet protection. Length of time for Clean Up.

Kill Moss on Tennis Court and Spray for Mould and Lichen

We recommend 1-part Chemical and 5 parts water for heavy infestation. Spray liberally onto a dry surface and check the weather as you don’t want it to be diluted by rain for at least 2-3 hours after spraying. The Moss will die off within 2-3 weeks but will be dead after 1-2 months.


Synthetic grass tennis courts such as Tenniturf, Sporturf and Savanna can be kept moss-free by brushing with a rotary brushing machine every month. A properly cleaned court is clean, safe and will deter further moss growth. Moss, as we all know, doesn’t grow on a rolling stone – or a clean well-drained court.

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It delivers vast quantities of water to remove bits of algae, moss and lichen which have stuck on to the court surface. Pressure Wash. All the loose debris which will now be lying on the court after the sweeping/cleaning phase is pressure washed and moved off the court. After treatment