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Glossary. 2P - 2-Point Field Goals. 2P% - 2-Point Field Goal Percentage; the formula is 2P / 2PA . 2PA - 2-Point Field Goal Attempts. 3P - 3-Point Field Goals (available since the 1979-80 season in the NBA) 3P% - 3-Point Field Goal Percentage (available since the 1979-80 season in the NBA); the formula is 3P / 3PA .

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Contracts Glossary. 1st Round Cap Hold The amount an unsigned 1st round draft pick counts against the salary cap. Amnesty The amount that a player still earns if he is waived via the amnesty provision (this amount no longer counts against the salary cap).

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Glossary of statistics used on Sports Reference College Basketball. 123 An underline indicates that a career figure is based on incomplete data.

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Praise for Basketball-Reference.com. Glossary Calculating PER Calculating Individual Offensive and Defensive Ratings Calculating Win Shares Simple Projection System Four Factors Similarity Scores Hall of Fame Probability

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NBA & ABA, WNBA, NBL, G League, and top International players. Includes indexed lists of players. International leagues include top European leagues and EuroLeague and EuroCup competitions, as well as China's CBA, Australia's NBL, and Men's Olympics.

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With those numbers in hand, individual Defensive Rating can be computed: D_Pts_per_ScPoss = Opponent_PTS / (Opponent_FGM + (1 - (1 - (Opponent_FTM / Opponent_FTA))^2) * Opponent_FTA*0.4) In a later chapter of Basketball on Paper, Oliver emphasized that Offensive Ratings shouldn't be viewed in a vacuum.

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aPER = (pace adjustment) * uPER. The final step is to standardize aPER. First, calculate league average aPER (lg_aPER) using player minutes played as the weights. Then, do the following: PER = aPER * (15 / lg_aPER) The step above sets the league average to 15 for all seasons. Those are the gory details.

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24 points for a lifetime BA over .330, 16 if over .315, and 8 if over .300. For tough defensive positions, 60 for 1800 games as a catcher, 45 for 1,600 games, 30 for 1,400, and 15 for 1,200 games caught. 30 points for 2100 games at 2B or SS, or 15 for 1,800 games. 15 points for 2,000 games at 3B.

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NBA & ABA Player Tools. Player Season Finder Search through player regular season and playoff statistics spanning from 1946-47 to today for single seasons or combined seasons that match your criteria.