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The ‘Run and Jump defense’ is a full-court man-to-man press with rules that encourage jump-switching and trapping. It was first created by Dean Smith at North Carolina during the 1970’s. This full-court defense is best suited for a team of athletes that want to play an uptempo style game.

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Run and Jump Basketball Defense, the run and jump Basketball defense is an advanced level full court and half court Basketball press defense. In this Run and...

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Run and Jump Defense. The run and jump defense is a full court man to man defense with trap defense and defensive switching principles. This type of basketball defense can be beneficial for quick teams that can guard multiple positions. On the other hand, the run and jump defense may not be as useful to slower teams or teams that do not have strong defensive chemistry/IQ due to the constant defensive switching.

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The "run and jump" is similar to our match-up press defense, both using similar concepts and techniques, such as trapping along the sidelines and jump-switching (run and jump) in the middle. Both start out with a match-up, or man-to-man, alignment. Reasons to use the run and jump press: Increase the pace, speed of the game.

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Anytime a player committed a foul in run and jump they were immediately subbed out of the game. We technically defined any foul outside the shell as being a foul in run and jump. Their sin was not unforgivable. By its nature, run and jump requires players to be aggressive, so we quickly sought an opportunity to get the fouling player back in the game.

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Color scheme for the defense White Basic Run and Jump Blue Sideline Trap Red Immediate Trop in bounds Black Denial on inbounds. You don’t need to necessarily call the colors your players need to learn when to RJ and when to trap. Use “red” when they clear out. You can combine some of the colors. When playing a great ball handler “black” and run “white” on the other guard

Basketball Defense Run and Jump - Coaching Toolbox

Get high hands on every run and jump situation. If 4 or 5 would flash to the middle, the defender must take away the flash. If the ball is dribbled sideline, You could run and jump with the second line defender. The original ball defender would continue along the same line.

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How to coach, teach and use the basketball run-and-jump full-court pressure defense. As mentioned earlier, the full-court version of run-and-jump defense involves influencing the dribbler toward the sideline by overplaying him to one side. Since most teams combat full-court-man-to-man pressure by sending the other offensive players down court and isolating the dribbler to bring the ball down on-on-one, a measure of defensive control of the dribbler is necessary.